What HDTV antenna is best for me? There are many different styles and types of HDTV antennas available. Like any product there is lots of claims of what one antenna can do vs another antenna. We have found what antenna will work best for you based on your area and line of sight. Despite what any tool says you will achieve using a HDTV antenna, the only real way is to fine tune each HDTV antenna installation per job basis. We have installed HDTV antennas all over the valley from Queen Creek to the north part of Cave Creek and Sun City West. Basically as long as you live in the valley there is a HDTV antenna that will work for you.

How good will my picture quality be compared to cable or satellite?  OTA DTV offers Clear video, numerous audio options, as well as a program guide and instant program ratings, along with High Definition programming, which all combines to make DTV a comparable product to those services that are provided by the cable and satellite providers. It is a true fact that the picture quality of the OTA HD signal is much more robust than the satellite or cable delivered versions due to the heavy data compression rates used by those distribution methods.

The intention of the digital TV systems designers was to allow the over the air content to rival that of satellite or cable, and in my opinion, they did a very god job of it over all, and the HDTV antenna video quality is much better. All of the benefits listed above are comparable in every way to the satellite or cable delivered signals, with the added benefit of much clearer and crisper picture. 

Will weather affect my HDTV antenna signal? Weather including severe fog, wind and snow can sometimes affect your HDTV antenna signal causing breakups or pixelation.  

On the other hand, some geographic features can actually improve the Over-The-Air HDTV antenna signal quality and range enabling you to receive stations from broadcast towers that would normally seem too far out of range. For example, flat bodies of water like lakes provide near perfect signal transmission conditions for a HDTV antenna.  

The important thing is to be as informed and honest with yourself as possible when it comes to evaluating how your specific location will work for receiving and enjoying OTA HDTV. Cutting the cord is a wonderful and liberating thing.

Where can I mount my antenna? This is a great question as well. There is a long and short answer for where you can mount your HDTV antenna. The short answer is anywhere you need to so you can get maximum reception with your new antenna. There is laws in place that trumps homeowner associations saying otherwise. Here is a link explaining in full detail about such mounting your antenna laws.

What channels can I get with a antenna? Well this can depend on many things actually. Depending on your location you could get every channel available in your area with a HDTV antenna. Here is a nice link that you can input your area code and see whats available to you with a HDTV antenna. This link will tell you the amount of channels as well as what network they are



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