What exactly is cutting the cord? Cutting the cord refers to dumping you cable or satellite provide and using a HDTV antenna and or streaming your favorite shows via the internet. This is the easiest way of explaining it. Is cutting the cord right for you? Are you informed on what exactly you will be gaining or loosing by doing so?

Here in metro Phoenix we have around 70 channels available for free using a HDTV antenna. All states are different so looking up that information would be a great starting point. Ill put a link at bottom of page so you can input your zip code and see whats available to you. Also if your considering streaming movies and shows via a wifi connection you should look at what your local internet provider provides as far as speeds go. If these two things check out then you might just be on the right track of saving yourself  money and cutting the cord as well as enjoying your HDTV more than you ever were before. Over the air signals are broadcasted in better quality than cable or satellite, do to not compressing the signal like they do. Therefor your picture is more crisp and has better detail. And there is a multitude of audio options as well. Most modern HDTV sets have a audio out that will allow you to use your current configuration if your hooked up to a stereo receiver for surround sound. Also as far as dvr goes there is a lot of different ones available so doing research on whats best for you is better to do yourself. Figure out what you are wanting from a dvr and see what best fits your needs. As there is a difference in features and price.

Planning your system takes time and with the right pieces you will never regret cutting the cord. For example, a decent satellite or cable package will run around $120 a month. This still does not give you all the channels your looking for in most cases. So you still go to red box or rent movies from your provided and add more expense to your monthly bill. Add the fact that the bill is never consistent and nearly impossible to talk to a rep from either supplier when you have a question. And most people are just renting their equipment from the supplier so when you finally decide to cut the cord you do not own any equipment that you will never use again. However make sure you send their equipment back just as they ask so they do not charge you for it. 

Where I live we have access to cox communications who delivers many different internet packages ranging from $25 up to around $80. Most of us already have a internet supplier so that is a expense you will have either way. I personally have internet because I use the wifi for everything I do versus  using my cellular provider and using to much data. So my internet connection did not change for me. And if your only looking for your local channels then internet is not needed anyway. And as far as streaming movies and shows. That is another piece of the puzzle you should research yourself as we all have different wants and needs. There is so many available that choosing the right one should be a well thought out plan, just like the dvr should.

As far as the antenna goes, I use only two different ones here in Phoenix. The best thing for you to do on this part is call some local companies in your area and ask whats best in your location if you plan on installing it yourself. Or even ask your surrounding neighbors that have one. If installing a HDTV antenna yourself make sure its secured well and does not move as wind can cause interfferriance with the signal. Also try not to mount it above any living areas of your house if drilling holes in your roof. And no matter where you mount it make sure you seal the bolts going into your house with a quality sealing product. Do not use just normal latex caulking as it is not made for this and will leak. Also make sure your system is grounded properly as this is important regardless what anyone might tell you.

So what does this all boil down to? For myself it boiled down to saving around $2000 every year. However none of the equipment was free neither is my monthly service for internet or my wifi streaming device. For me the internet does not matter as I need it with or without cutting the cord. And my payment for my streaming device I decided on is about $10 per month. All in all I bought all my equipment for about $300. Including dvr, streaming device, HDTV antenna and misc needed for installation. I did not choose the best of everything however. So basically if you do your research properly you can start saving money now. Also you do not have to do everything at once. This will help on the initial cost of buying everything needed. Cutting the cord is not best for everyone by any means. That is what we all have to decide. Some people will just plain refuse to even listen to this argument and some just do not know how it all works. All in all the cable and satellite companies have no plans on lowering their rates anytime soon so it was a no brainer for me and many customers here in the metro Phoenix area.

I personally have more shows and movies available to me then I ever did using either cable or satellite. And like I mentioned earlier I have better HDTV then they could provide me as well. All while saving around $2000 every year. Everyone will save money cutting the cord. Rather it is $200 a year or $3000 a year. You will save some amount of money.

Also I have had customers decide not to cut the cord due to being in a contract with their provider. There is also a way to deal with the contract situation as well. All you have to do is put your account into the "dormant"plan as if you were going on vacation. Many people who leave their home for long periods of time take advantage of these plans as to not pay a bill you are not using. Check with your provider and see what options they have available for you. Sometimes is as low a as $10 a month or less. As far as the mounting location for your new HDTV antenna goes. Their is laws in effect that protect your rights to accessing antenna signals that home owners associations cannot argue. Ill post a link that will explain this law in full at bottom of page as well as the signal strength and channel list link. So I hope all this will help in your deciding factor of rather or not you are ready to cut the cord. 



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