Professional antenna, AUDIO AND VIDEO installations 


At AZ antenna we do not try to sell you anything you do not 100% need. Actually we recommend you search around and do some research yourself on what exactly your looking for. We will even suggest websites that have the best deals on your specific wants and needs. We specialize in antenna installations and installations of HDTV wall mounting. We do not sell anything other than HDTV antenna  and antenna related products. When we do a custom audio and video installation we do the research for you and link all the information to you. This way you do all the ordering of selected items and everything is shipped directly to your home. This just keeps everything as simple as possible and eliminates a unneeded middle man.

We at AZ ANTENNA think many people are realizing there is better ways to enjoy watching your HDTV while saving money as well as using the picture capabilities your HDTV may have. Cable and satellite bills get expensive month after month. And without paying for the best package of your current supplier you cannot get all the channels you want anyway. There is a easier and cheaper way to surpass what they can do with better quality and not worrying about sudden charges and rate increases. Installing a quality HDTV antenna will amaze you with the HDTV picture quality and amount of channels you will receive with just a antenna.

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At AZ ANTENNA we specialize in outdoor antenna, indoor antenna and attic mounted HDTV antenna installations as well as complete custom audio and video installations. Our services range from simple installations of HDTV antenna to complete system installations and setup. Every installation we do is done properly, professionally  and in a timely manner. Our ultimate goal is to provide the best service and most knowledgeable staff possible all while saving you money and time. We can completely setup your system from mild to wild including setup of dvr, wifi streaming and wall mounting your HDTV and so much more. Rather your just looking to have a antenna installed and enjoy watching high definition free television or you wanting us to design  and install a complete custom theater setup that fits your wants and needs. look no further than AZ ANTENNA. 

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